Life charity platform — the first charity network based on blockchain

We want to build a platform to donate and receive donations.

Blockchain technologies have been developed, and are currently being developed, to help users with their finances, fiat-to-crypto transactions, application development, and more. Despite this diversity of products on the market, consumers still don't have a high quality socially-driven product that can change the world with the help of blockchain technologies.

Our team is looking forward to correcting this situation in the charity market. Our plan is to create a 100% charity-based blockchain platform where anyone can choose any available foundation and donate their digital assets to it.

Why YOU Can Trust LIFE

Answer is - blockchain

Blockchain Infrastructure

We decided to combine charity and fundraising platforms with blockchain technologies to create a new kind of product that will be disruptive for charitable giving.

Transparent network

Blockchain technology allows you to track every operation that is processed on our network. Consumers can always see where their digital assets have been sent, and most importantly–who received them.

Global Charity System

Our plan is to create a 100% charity-based blockchain platform where anyone can choose any available foundation and donate their digital assets to it.

Tokens Sale

ICO information


Nov 17, 2018 (00:00AM GMT)

Life charity token symbol



Jan 17, 2019 (00:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 20,000 LFT

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0.05 ETH


LIFE Token Distribution

LIFE Roadmap

The Timeline


Blockchain community valuation

One of the goals of our team is to attract big blockchain companies as a Tether, WeChain, Tron, OmiseGo etc in charitable giving.

We would like to create a corporate social responsibility initiative for blockchain-based projects, called “Blockchain community valuation”. A high BCV for big blockchain projects or ICOs will be an indicator to potential investors about the company's:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Reliability


All You need to know about LIFE

What is LIFE?

Life charity platform — the first charity network based on blockchain. Our team found a revolutionary way to make donations easy, fast and secure with the help of blockchain technology.

What is life charity donation platform?

Our platform will be the first and highest-quality charity-focused product on the cryptocurrency market. With the “LIFE Charity platform,” consumers will be able to choose any available non-profit foundation and donate any amount of Ethereum tokens to it.

How are you going to reward users for donations?

As a reward for donations, every participant will get LFT — Life Tokens that can be sold on any available exchange or stored in an ERC-20 wallet. Also, every donation will increase your personal donation rate and you will get more tokens for every donation made.

What`s your vision?

As the team creating a charity-based product, we advocate for transparent and secure transactions directly to non-profit organizations. Blockchain technology was initially created to facilitate completely safe transactions that couldn't be hacked in any way. This kind of technology should be implemented on charity platforms as the primary way to send money to non-profit organizations

When will ICO start?

Our initial coin offering will start on 14th of November.

What currencies i can use for donations?

You can donate Ethereum and Bitcoin. Donations in Bitcoin will take a little bit longer to process, but you will receive your tokens as soon as possible.

How long will ICO take place?

Our ICO will last 2 months - from November 14th through January 14th.

Can i withdraw my tokens from my Life Charity balance?

The Life Charity team highly recommends you not make any transactions with Life Charity tokens until the initial coin offering ends. Taking this action may lead to a loss of tokens.

What is the format of your tokens?

Our token format is ERC-20.

What's the total supply of your tokens?

Total supply will be calculated after the Initial Coin Offering.

Where i can sell Life Charity Token?

On any exchange that our token is listed on in the future. Possible exchanges include: Cryptobridge, Kraken, Upbit, YoBit and Graviex.

Someone is offering me your tokens, should I buy them?

No, please don't buy any tokens from anyone who is offering them to you. The only way to get our Life Charity tokens is by participating in our ICO, or by buying them on our list of official exchanges, which we will provide after the Initial Coin Offering.

Platform and beta test

There are two ways participate in our Life charity platform beta launch. First: by participating in our ICO and buying tokens valued at more than 15 ETH. Second: by winning our bounty contest.

What should I do during the platform's beta test?

The only thing you should do during the platform's beta test is test every feature our platform has, and donate any amount of digital assets you want to any available foundation that you want to. Then, at the end of beta test, complete a report for us about any bugs or mistakes that you have found.

How long will the beta test last?

As soon as we find and fix all the problems and bugs on our platform, we will end the closed beta testing period and open our platform to everyone.

Is there any reward for beta testers?

Yes, every participant in the Life Charity platform beta test will be rewarded with the highest possible donation rate, and also with a certificate from our team as a gift for helping to make the world a better place.

Conditions to LFT (Life Charity Token) sale

When you purchase, or otherwise receive, a LFT (Life Charity Token) you accept the conditions that you can find here:

Timing of token sale

The LFT (Life Charity Token) sale will run for 60 calendar days. The Company reserves the right to change the sale dates or extend the sale duration for any reason, including the unavailability of the Website or other unforeseen security or procedural issues.

Number of tokens sold

The general public will be able to see the total number of LFT (Life Charity Token) currently sold, as well as the distribution of all LFT (Life Charity Token) between the participating Ethereum accounts. In the spirit of openness, the Company will constantly update on the Website the number of tokens sold as well as the share of LFT (Life Charity Token) allocated to the shareholders of Company.

Can I get a refund?

All purchases are final. Tokens are non-refundable. By purchasing Life Charity Token the purchaser acknowledges that neither the company nor any of its affiliates, directors or shareholders are required to provide a refund for any reason.


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